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Maintaining a clean roof is essential for your property’s overall health and appearance. At Kraken Clean, we offer comprehensive roof cleaning services in Neath, Port Talbot, and South Wales.

Our expert team is dedicated to removing dirt, debris, and organic growths that can damage your roof over time. With our advanced techniques and professional equipment, we ensure your roof looks pristine and remains in excellent condition.

Contact Kraken Clean today at 07772 383 347 for all your roof cleaning needs. We are committed to providing quality services at competitive prices. Get in touch to experience the Kraken Clean difference.

Effective Moss Removal

Moss can particularly damage roofs, as it holds moisture against the surface, leading to potential damage and leaks. Our moss removal service targets these stubborn growths, effectively eliminating them and preventing regrowth. We use specialised tools and eco-friendly treatments to ensure your roof is free from moss, enhancing its durability and appearance. Regular moss removal is crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of your roof and avoiding costly repairs.

Soft Washing for Delicate Roofs

Some roofs require a gentler approach to cleaning to prevent damage. Our soft washing technique is perfect for delicate roofs, providing a thorough cleaning without the risk of harm. This method uses low-pressure water and specialised cleaning solutions to remove dirt, algae, and mildew safely. Soft washing is ideal for roofs made of shingles, tiles, and other sensitive materials. By choosing our soft washing service, you can trust that your roof will be thoroughly cleaned while preserving its integrity.

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Enhance Your Roof’s Longevity

Regular roof cleaning improves the appearance of your home and extends its lifespan. By removing harmful substances like moss, algae, and dirt, we help prevent damage and decay. Our professional cleaning services ensure your roof remains in top condition, providing peace of mind and protecting your investment. A clean roof enhances the overall kerb appeal of your property, making it look well-maintained and inviting.

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Transform your roof with our professional cleaning services. Contact Kraken Clean today to schedule a roof cleaning service in Neath, Port Talbot, and South Wales. Our friendly team is ready to answer any questions and provide a free, no-obligation quote. Experience the difference with Kraken Clean and enjoy a clean, well-maintained roof that enhances your home’s beauty and longevity.

Biocide Treatment for Roofs

Biocide treatment is essential for maintaining your roof’s health and appearance. This treatment uses a biocide solution to eliminate and prevent moss, algae, lichen, and mould. At Kraken Clean, we offer professional biocide treatment as part of our roof cleaning services in Neath, Port Talbot, and South Wales.

The biocide solution penetrates the roof surface, killing existing growth and preventing regrowth. This ensures a long-lasting clean, keeping your roof looking fresh and preventing damage from moisture retention and decay. Our treatments are safe for all roofing materials and use eco-friendly products that protect without harm.

Regular biocide treatments extend your roof’s lifespan by providing deep, effective cleaning and long-term protection. Trust Kraken Clean for expert biocide treatment, ensuring your roof remains in top condition for years.

Algae Removal and Treatment

Algae growth on roofs can mar appearance and cause structural damage. Kraken Clean specialises in algae removal and treatment in Neath, Port Talbot, and South Wales.

We start with an inspection to assess algae growth, then use advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions to remove it safely. This restores your roof’s look and prevents further damage. After removal, we apply a treatment that inhibits future algae growth, ensuring a cleaner roof for longer.

Regular treatment maintains your roof’s health and longevity, reducing the need for frequent cleanings and repairs. Trust Kraken Clean for expert algae removal and treatment, keeping your roof in top condition and enhancing your property’s appearance.


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Friendly & Professional Service

We offer friendly and professional roof cleaning services. Our team ensures clear communication, prompt responses, and quality results with a personal touch. Trust us to meet your needs efficiently and courteously.

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Fully Insured, Licensed & Trained

We provide fully insured, licensed and trained for roof cleaning services. Our team adheres to all regulations, ensuring safe and reliable work. You can trust us to deliver high-quality results with complete peace of mind.

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State-Of-The-Art Equipment

At Kraken Clean, we use state-of-the-art equipment for our roof cleaning services. Our advanced tools ensure efficient and thorough results. Trust us to deliver the highest quality service with modern technology.